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Store Hours: Monday - Saturday 8:00am - 6:00pm

Wild Game Processing

Now that you got your game, let us take care of the rest.

Downtown Meats Wild Game Processing

We guarantee the meat you bring in is the meat you get back!

Wild game we process: Venison, Elk, Bear, Antelope, Moose, Caribou, Goose, Pheasant, Duck, Wild Boar, Wild Turkey


We Skin immediatey, so deer CANNOT be frozen solid!

We require a 50% deposit when dropping off product.

Keep your meat clean:

  • Only clean trimmings accepted.
  • We will not accept any meat that is bloodshot, fatty, full of hair, freezer burnt, or old.
  • If you are unable to bring your meat in immediately, freeze it fresh right away in a freezer safe bag. (Clean double bread bags will work)
  • If your animal is hide-less, the carcass must be clean and free of hair, dirt, etc.
  • Rinse inside of carcass before bringing it in. Any feces or other extreme mess left to clean will incur an added charge.
  • First come first serve. You will be getting YOUR OWN meat back in the order it was brought in.
  • Smoke products are processed at the beginning of the New Year.
  • All wild game brought in during the month of December will be processed after January 1st.

Wild Game Processing Prices


Whole Deer (Cut/Grind/Wrap) = $90

Individual Quarters Deer = $18/each

Whole or Quarted Other (Bear. Moose, Elk, Etc.) = $0.99/lb

*Skinning Deer or Antelope = $40

Cape Deer for Mounting = $65

*Skinning Bear, Elk, Moose = $75

Grind and Wrap 1 – 1.5/LB packs = $0.90/lb.

Grind Only (5LB Minimum) = $0.50/lb.

Vacuum Packaging = $1/lb.

Beef, Pork, Suet, Bacon Ends/Pieces = Current Market Value

Antlers Skull Capped = $5

    • If you want the antlers let us know at time of drop off or they will be discarded.

*HIDE – The hide becomes ours when we skin it. If you wish to keep it, let us know immediately, $10 will be added to your bill.

Fresh Uncooked Sausage

*Fresh Sausage requires 7.5 lbs. of wild game minimum for a 12.5 lb. batch. This meat block is what you will get charged on. 12.5 lb. Batch @ Price/lb. = Total Price

Bulk @ $2.30/lb. = $28.75

  • Mild, Sweet, or Hot Italian
  • Breakfast Sausage
  • Maple Sausage

Bulk @ $3/lb. = $37.50

  • Bacon Breakfast Sausage
  • Chorizo
  • Wild Rice Breakfast Sausage

Brat Size Sausages @ $3/lb. = $37.50

  • Bratwurst, Italian, Polish, Kielbasa

Jerky & Bacon:

*Requires 12LBs wild game. 12LB Batch @ Price/lb. = Total Price

Whole Muscle Jerky @ $6/lb. = $72

Ground and Formed @ $4/lb. = $48

  • Old Fashioned, Campfire, Teriyaki, and More

Bacon @ $4/lb. = $48

Smoked/Cooked Products:

Requirements: All our smoked and cooked products are a 25 lb. meat block. 15 lbs. of wild game minimum is required for a batch. You are charged for the meat block. 25 lb. Batch @ Price/lb. = Total Price

Steam Cooked @ $3.50/lb. = $87.50

  • Classic Brat, Beer Brat, Onion and Garlic Brat

Smoked Brats @ $3.50/lb. = $87.50

  • Polish, Kielbasa, Choriso, Andouille, Dinner Frank

Smoked Specialty Brats @ $4.25/lb. = $106.25

Snack Sticks @ $4.50/lb. = $112.50

  • Beef, Teriyaki, Beer, Honey, BBQ, Pepperoni, and more

Specialty Sticks @ $5.25/lb. = $131.25

Summer Sausage @ $3.50/lb. = $87.50

  • Tangy, Garlic, Mild and more!

Specialty Summer Sausage @ $4.25/lb. = $106.25

Hot Dogs @ $4.00/lb. = $100.00

Specialty Items Include

Any Combo, no more than 2 Items

  • HIgh Temp Cheese
  • Jalapenos
  • Wild Rice
  • Bacon

Products to process your own game.

  • High Temp Cheese
  • Casings
  • Spices & Cures

Call with questions, or to get after-hours info.